The Auberge

The ambiance at the auberge is relaxed and welcoming.

Basking on the shores of the St. Lawrence, our auberge lives by the rhythm of the waves, sheltered from the sounds of route 132, in one of Quebec’s most beautiful villages, Métis-sur-Mer.

Former secondhand bookseller in Quimper, Brittany and agronomist by trade, Marie and Raynald settled down in Métis-sur-mer 25 years ago, eager to share their love for epicurean delights and the joys of reading. Their 3 children Théo, Manuel and Marguerite have worked in this modest family business all these years.

And now, their daughter Marguerite is taking the Auberge into her own hands. This passionate young woman and her dynamic team welcome you for a getaway where time stands still and where beauty and the human touch nourishes your heart.

Books. Books everywhere, in every guestroom, every corner of the living room and even in the kitchen. The books are there to be read, and to be passed on to as many readers as possible.

We look forward

to welcome you to our book haven.

Our auberge is convivial and we will host you with simplicity and grace.



Métis-sur-mer, also referred to as Metis Beach, is a charming village founded in 1850 by Scottish settlers. In the early 1900s, it became a popular holiday resort area among wealthy English-speaking families. Each summer, they arrived in large numbers to enjoy, either from a chic hotel or their private estate, the beauty of the location and the fresh gaspesian breeze.

Today, the descendants of these tourists of yesteryear continue the tradition of Metis summers. Villas, gabled mansions and balconies, hidden behind the trees or exposed to the seabreeze… Since then, these homes have sparked the imagination of generations of wayfarers.

Books on the history of Métis-sur-Mer and the Lighthouse are available in each room.

The St. Lawrence River

The mighty river

The Mi’kmaq called it “Magtogoek”, or the walking river, the path that walks. From European explorers to Asian fishermen, the river attracts boats from all over the world, and tourists are no exception. In the early 20th century, steamboats leaving from Montreal or Boston were already cruising along the estuary of Saguenay.

We have the pleasure of living on the shores of one of the most beautiful rivers in the world, surrounded by grandiose landscapes, teeming with wildlife and a rich history.